BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會


王慧君執行長 Heidi Wang

Focus Symposia

Date:July 29 (Saturday)
Time13:30-17:00 (GMT+8)

Heidi Wang

Chief Executive Officer
OBI Pharma


Dr. Heidi Wang is an experienced drug development expert with almost 30 years of
Pharmaceutical Industry experience. With deep expertise in Oncology, Virology, and other
therapeutic areas, Heidi led and contributed to shaping the company strategy and identify, assess,
and mitigate risks proactively.
Before joining OBI Pharma as the CEO in June 2023, she had a close to 30-year career at Bristol-
Myers Squibb (BMS, a Fortune 500 company) leading teams in the US headquarter and in multiple
countries, including China. Heidi has a proven record of working or leading teams to obtain
approvals for 9 New Molecule Entities, many were first-in-class drugs, as well as numerous
supplemental applications worldwide.
When in BMS, Heidi had a chance to transform company’s process and mindset to optimize
company’s portfolio acceleration, enable global submissions and approvals of life saving
medicines, and shape company’s 2030 China strategy, etc. When working as the BMS China
regulatory head and acting R&D China head, Heidi delivered successfully four new medicines to
patients while navigating the complicated regulatory environment.
Now as the CEO of OBI Pharma, Heidi continues what she did at BMS to change the company’s
culture, mindset, and processes, and provide leadership to optimize OBI’s portfolio for patients.
During her ~30 years tenure at BMS, Dr. Heidi Wang changed her roles 10 times, each with growing
responsibilities. She started her career as a virologist and had successfully brought HIV, Hepatitis B,
and Hepatitis C medicines to the US and international markets, including China. In addition, she was
responsible for obtaining approvals for medicines in Immunology, Cardiovascular, and Transplant
areas to the international markets, such as Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Central and South America,
Brazil, Canada, Russia, and Turkey.
Her passion is to bring new medicines to patients around the globe. Hence, Heidi’s impact from an
enterprise perspective is to shape the company’s global simultaneous submission strategy and process,
to convert colleagues’ mindset to think globally from early stages of clinical development, and to enable
acceleration in submissions and approvals.
Dr. Heidi Wang received her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Molecular Biology and Virology from
University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, IN, USA and had postdoctoral training in Cancer Biology at
the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, USA. In addition to English, she is a native speaker of
Chinese (mandarin).
She was invited to speak at international conferences and workshops, including those that were
sponsored by the health authorities from Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. In her spare
time, she volunteered as a mentor to Taiwan Innovative Drug Alliance and colleagues around the world
and sat on local YMCA board and search committees to guide the leadership team and shape strategy.
She recently was selected as a board member at her alma mater, Fu-Jen University.