BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會


黃麗蓉律師 Anna Hwang

Focus Symposia

Date:July 28 (Friday)
Time9:00-12:00 (GMT+8)

Anna Hwang

Executive Partner and Chair of Dispute Resolution
Baker McKenzie, Taipei (國際通商法律事務所)

Anna Hwang is the Chair of Dispute Resolution Group in the Baker McKenzie's Taipei office. She concentrates her practice on dispute resolution involving information technology, complex-commercial, family wealth and compliance. With her leading experience in litigating in the courts and providing unique strategic advice, Anna is the go-to lawyer in Taiwan for international litigation and arbitration.
Anna's practice focus includes dispute resolution, investigation and compliance, complex-commercial, information technology, intellectual property-patent, wealth disputes, and government procurement.
Anna is named Recommended Lawyer by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific (2019), Next Generation Lawyer by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific (2019), and Recommended Individual by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific (in the areas of IP and TMT, 2014).

Speech title & Synopsis

Cybersecurity in Healthcare Sector

With the booming of cyberattacks, data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents worldwide, cybersecurity has been one of the top concerns for all industries. Cybersecurity incidents involve financial, operational and reputational damage, and they are becoming more frequent. For example, ransomware attacks saw a 13% increase last year, with a move towards more sophisticated methods. The sensitivity and value of health data increases its attractiveness as a target, the impact on individuals and organizations if an incident occurs, and the rigor of the privacy and security measures required to protect it.
According to the surveys in Baker McKenzie's "The Year Ahead - Global Disputes Forecast 2023", more than half of respondents in Healthcare and Life Sciences industry are concerned about cybersecurity/ data disputes in the coming year. These figures are both up from last year’s survey. Class actions against healthcare organizations for data breaches continue to rise. There is also a more widespread concern: digital transformation has reached all corners of the industry but regulations and regulators have not yet caught up.
Cyber incident response brings considerations that are quite different to other sectors. Ensuring continuity of operations may be essential to avoid risk to life. The threshold for notification of a breach may be more easily triggered for sensitive health data, and notifications under multiple regulatory regimes are likely. Cyber intrusions with IP theft objectives are particularly likely in this sector, and require a very different approach.
In light of such growing cybersecurity concerns, Anna Hwang and Cyrus Vance will introduce the latest cybersecurity trends internationally and share the experiences in Baker McKenzie's leading cases in healthcare sector with key takeaways.