BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會


余若凡律師 Jo-Fan Yu

Focus Symposia

Date:July 28 (Friday)
Time9:00-12:00 (GMT+8)

Jo-Fan Yu

Partner and Head of Digital Transformation
Baker McKenzie, Taipei (國際通商法律事務所)

Jo-Fan Yu is a Partner of Baker McKenzie based in Taipei and the member of Baker McKenzie IPTech APAC Steering Committee. Having worked for Google as its Taiwan and Hong Kong policy head as well as local counsel for global internet companies for several years, Jo-Fan has vast experience in providing legal and policy advice to clients focusing on data protection, consumer protection, content regulation, antitrust, telco regulation, and IP-related issues. She also represents clients in various high profile investigations and litigations, including the first right to be forgotten case in Taiwan, data breach incidents, trade secret cases, online piracy cases, and antitrust investigations.
As a former senior prosecutor, Jo-Fan has extensive experience in handling high-profile litigations and criminal investigations.
Jo-Fan also actively involves in public affairs. She regularly advises Taiwan National Development Council on personal data protection issues. She served as Supervisor of AmCham Taiwan and Co-Chair of AmCham Taiwan Telecom & Media Committee, to promote sound legal and policy environment. She is also the non-governmental advisor (NGA) to International Competition Network (ICN) and served as supervisor of Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) and Chairwoman in the IP and Innovation Technology Commission of Taipei Bar Association.

Speech title & Synopsis

Data and Digital Health

Traditionally, the healthcare industry has grown through innovation, acquisition, and geographical expansion. Now, digital transformation plays an important role in the shaping and reshaping of business models and strategies. Healthcare companies must evolve their business models to address market saturation, more complex global regulatory regimes in terms of compliance, and law lag due to new innovative and digital products entering the market.
In order to shape and implement new business models, companies must be bold and strategic. This involves identifying key areas of business and legal support, including data-related issues. With the regulatory landscape for health data only getting more complex, good data governance requires an understanding of the data, data flows and each party’s role in relation to the data, followed by a legal and operational risk assessment as to the importance of the data and what rights are needed, to enable a business to be able to extract the full value of the data.
In this section, we will present the findings of the surveys conducted by Baker McKenzie for audience to understand the focus and trend on digitalization and data and its impact in the healthcare industry. We will also share the challenges we see when healthcare industry incorporates data privacy into compliance programs. Moreover, we will discuss key regulatory developments in APAC, especially Taiwan, and share our views about the best practice.