BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會


Wei Wang

Session 11 – Cell and Gene Therapies with Novel Enabling Platform

Date:28 July (Friday)
Time09:00 – 10:30 (GMT+8)

Wei Wang

Corporate and Business Development Director, Cell and Gene Therapy
Syneos Health

Wei is a seasoned Director of Corporate and Business Development, boasting an extensive track record in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. His expansive 15-year journey includes specialized expertise in cell and gene therapy, translational oncology, analytical assay development, and both pre-clinical and clinical development. Additionally, he brings six years of strategic and business development acumen to the table.

Throughout his career, Wei has taken the reins in viral vector safety assessment for several commercially successful cell and gene therapy products, including the pioneering Strimvelis, Zytegolo, Libmeldy and Kymriah. He has also made substantial contributions to numerous cell and gene therapy pipelines spanning a wide range of therapeutic indications.

Renowned in the industry, Wei has acted as a consultant for a select group of top 20 pharmaceutical and biotech firms. His proficiency in the field has led to invitations to present his insights on safety assessment in cell and gene therapy clinical studies at numerous international conferences spanning the United States, EU, and APAC.
With Syneos Health, Wei is currently applying his expertise towards fostering innovative pipelines in emerging biotech, leveraging Syneos’ Clinical, Medical Affairs, and Commercial expertise, helps to mitigate development risks and maximize the potential of a diverse portfolio.
Wei is holding a PhD from the prestigious German Cancer Research Center and the University of Heidelberg, Germany. In addition, he has enhanced his business leadership skills by completing an executive MBA at Mannheim Business School, Germany.

Speech title & Synopsis

The Perfect Storm of Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Development and Commercialization

Cell and gene therapies represent the vanguard of modern healthcare innovation, offering unparalleled curative potential. However, their clinical development and commercialization are marked by a complex array of challenges, creating a 'perfect storm' scenario for stakeholders involved. This presentation will elucidate these challenges, exploring intricate aspects related to manufacturing, regulation, market access, and patient centricity. The manufacturing process for these therapies is complex and costly, requiring advanced technologies and skill sets. Regulatory landscapes, although evolving to accommodate these novel treatments, remain labyrinthine and vary across jurisdictions, adding to the overall complexity. The commercialization of these therapies is another critical area, where high therapy costs and payer skepticism necessitate robust value demonstration. Finally, ensuring patient accessibility and adherence to these therapies is crucial but often overlooked. It concludes with the proposition that navigating this perfect storm requires an integrated, multidimensional approach involving active collaboration among industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, healthcare providers, and patients.