BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會



Session 18 – Life Science Ventures in India

Date:27-31 July
Time:  On-Demand




Vinay Konaje, is a Chemical Engineer by training and was with the Birla group of companies in India in their process engineering and M&A groups. He went on to be the VP, Business Development at Avesthagen, Bangalore before starting his own venture, Navya Biologicals Pvt Ltd with his colleague, Dr. Rajyashri – a molecular biologist, in 2007.
The company focused on development of bioprocess technologies before its merger with Shilpa Medicare Ltd in 2018 to form Shilpa Biologicals Pvt Ltd – a vertically integrated biopharmaceutical / bioprocess player. The company has 9 molecules in various stages of development, with the first being commercialized in Sept 2022.

The company has also partnered with global pharma players in biopharma for production of MAbs, fusion proteins and adenoviral therapies.  

Speech title & Synopsis

Shilpa Biologicals Pvt Ltd – Your partner in Bioprocess and Biologics Development and production

SBPL is the biologics subsidiary of Shilpa Medicare Ltd, with a 400 strong, experienced but dynamic team at Belur, Dharwad, INDIA. Our focus is on bioprocess technologies.

Ambition is to be amongst the top 10 biopharma players globally in the next 10 years through a mix of organic and inorganic investments.

We are a fully integrated player with our campus at Belur, Dharwad marrying R&D tightly with Manufacturing (with capacities in Drug substance and Drug products). 

We are currently focussed on development, manufacture of MAbs, Fusion proteins, Glycoproteins and recombinant plasma proteins. 

We have separate production facilities for drug substance that is derived from mammalian cells (like CHO and HEK cells) based on single use concept and those from microbial sources (Yeast and bacteria) with 2000L capacities each. 

We currently have 2 drug product lines to accommodate vials, PFS and lyophilised products. This is now expanded to 3 DP lines. 

These facilities are designed to work with high density Fed-batch and continuous perfusion processes. 

The facility that we have setup is environmentally friendly, zero liquid discharge and enables a very low carbon foot print.

The future growth drivers are expected to be cell and gene therapies. We continue to invest aggressively in these technologies now. Robotics based Automation in bioprocesses and RPA are expected to drive efficiencies over the next few years at our site.

We invite global biopharmaceutical startups and companies to partner with us in development of their leads to druggable products, and thereon for commercial manufacture via flexible business models.