BIO Asia–Taiwan 2022 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2022 亞洲生技大會




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Address /101, Nanrong Rd., Dadu District, Taichung City, 43245

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Name /Jerry Tsai

Title /Head of Taiwan Crop Protection

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Telephone /04-26933841 ext 1423

Fax /04-26934464

Mobile /0939588312

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About the Company

Sinon is a Taiwan-based company. Founded In 1955, Started as a single small-sized production-and-distribution agrochemical factory, and had expended into a group of more than a dozen industries: chemicals, biotechnology, plastics, concrete, food, supermarket, household products, organic farms etc.

Sinon's core businesses comprise crop protection, biological fermentation, chemical synthesis, and food safety.

Sinon has been partnering with the world’s best companies and their mutual customers to increase farmer’s productivity, improve food quality and optimize distribution system.

Brief Description of main products or services

Sinon engaged in the manufacture, processing and trading of plant protection products. our mainly products include pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural materials, precision chemicals and intermediates,microbial fertilizers, environmental drugs.

Sinon is top fertilizers and pesticides manufacturer & supplier in Taiwan. Beginning in 1982, Sinon established our own pesticide supply centers in order to strengthen domestic sales. The cost savings of direct sales allowed many of the benefits to be passed on to the farmers.

Sinon’s pesticide products include insecticides, bactericides and herbicides, among others. Sinon operates businesses not only in Taiwan, but also in Mainland China, Japan, Brazil, the United States, Thailand, Australia and Indonesia, among others.

Our chemical division handles the sales and marketing of pesticide technical products, fine chemicals, and the research, development, and manufacturing of intermediates to chemical industries in over 60 countries. Building upon 40 years of extensive experience in agricultural chemicals research, we have became a leading agricultural fertilizer and chemical products manufacturer not only in Taiwan but all over the world.

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Name /Jerry Tsai

Email /

Phone /04-26933841 ext 1423