BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會




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Address /36 Hoping Street, Louchu, Taoyuan 338002, Taiwan

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Name /Ray Cheng

Title /Deputy Supervisor

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Telephone /03-324-0895 #263

Fax /03-324-0923

Mobile /0965382362

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About the Company

Formosa Laboratories offers full-service GMP manufacturing from drug substance to drug product. Our injectable facility accommodates both small molecules and biologics, from pilot scale to commercial scale, and all under general or cytotoxic control. Combining this expertise, our platform for Antibody-Drug Conjugate manufacturing is well established. Our service scope includes antibody production (through domestic alliance), to in-house toxin-linker CMC services and antibody bioconjugation, and finally through to cytotoxic fill-finish drug product manufacturing. Formosa Laboratories is fully GMP compliant and has been approved by DOH of Taiwan, US FDA, BGV of Germany, EDQM, and PMDA of Japan.

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Product & Service

Formosa Laboratories provide the high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients globally. We are one of the leading manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the world.

Formosa Laboratories also offers full-service for both general and HPAPI for all stages of drug development for both clinical trial material and commercialized.

Formosa Laboratories provides one-stop solution for ADCs manufacturing from antibody production through domestic alliance, to in-house toxin-linker CMC services and antibody bioconjugation for drug substance, and finally through to cytotoxic fill-finish drug product manufacturing.

We provide one-stop solutions for sterile injectable drug products to our customers. Our state-of-the-art injectable manufacturing facility and team of dedicated experts are capable to provide services from contract development to commercial manufacturing.

Formosa Laboratories have below strengths and offer the services of one-stop service to customer.

  • General, Cytotoxic, and High potency drugs
  • Liquid-filled, Lyophilized and Pre-filled syringe products
  • Pilot scale to Commercial scale capacity

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Name /Regina Fang

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Phone /+886-3-324-0895 #255