BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會




Company Info

Name /ERM Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Address /No. 223, Songjiang Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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Name /Clare Chang

Title /Senior consultant

Email /

Telephone /0966732806

Fax /02-2501-1028

Mobile /0966732806

Company Type

Device,Pharmaceutical,Others:Consulting firm

About the Company

ERM Taiwan office was established in 1987, and has handled over 2,000 projects for multinational companies in Taiwan, across Asia Pacific, and globally. In the Pharma sector, ERM provides services in Pharmaceutical product Registration, Medical Device Registration, Plant Master File Registration, PICS/ GMP compliance, Good Distribution Practice Certification, Quality System Documentation, Quality Management System certification, Pre-market assessment, and other regulatory consultation services.

Brief Description of main products or services

Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change

Partnering with leading organisations to address complex sustainability challenges, from climate change risk to human rights, by clarifying strategic direction, designing corporate programs, and enhancing transparency and the robustness of public disclosures.

  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Assurance Service
  • Baseline Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Climate Risk and Opportunity Assessment
  • GHG Inventories
  • GHG Emissions Modelling and Capacity Building
  • Product Life Cycle Assessment

Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnering with leading organisations to address complex sustainability challenges, from climate change risk to human rights, by clarifying strategic direction, designing corporate programs, and enhancing transparency and the robustness of public disclosures.

  • Transaction Advisory
  • Training and capacity
  • Development of internal management systems
  • Equator Principles-EP/ International Finance Corporation Performance Standards- IFC PS Due Diligence and Supervision of projects

Capital Project Delivery

Helping clients keep capital projects on schedule and on budget by mitigating environmental, safety, and social risks from conception to final investment decision, through operational handover and ongoing management.

  • Environmental & Social Due Diligence Assessment (ESDD)
  • Environmental and Social Management Plans
  • Local EIA Studies
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • EHS Consulting and Audits
  • Contractor Safety Training
  • Review and Localization of EHS Management System
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment
  • Critical Habitat Assessment
  • Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans
  • Livelihood Compensation and Restoration Plans

Operational Performance

Helping global organisations mitigate risk, Grow revenues, and manage costs by optimising and transforming EHS functions to connect deeply to operations, integrating data-driven approaches, and delivering managed services.

  • Optimizing and Transforming EHS
  • Integrating Digital Approaches
  • Delivering Enterprise Transformationc

EHS Management and Compliance

Working with every level in the organisation to define, design, and deeply programs that achieve and sustain compliance, effectively manage EHS issues, and also control operational costs and reduce risks.

  • Air Quality
  • Audit
  • Management System & Compliance
  • Certification & Verification
  • Waste Compliance

Liability Portfolio Management and Remediation

Managing risks through strategic approaches, digital applications and best-fit technical methods that identify, assess and manage environmental liabilities. Actively engage with clients to understand and respond to their specific and evolving needs and obligations through an end-to-end integration of site investigation, remediation, decommissioning and retirement.

  • Decommissioning, decontamination & demolition
  • Data analytics & visualization
  • Human health & ecological risk
  • Remediation management
  • Site Investigation and Risk Assessment
  • Social performance

Safety Services

Encouraging clients to move beyond traditional compliance and corrective programs so that the can maximise the return on their investment in safety – to safeguard lives, protect assets and strengthen reputation.

  • Contractor Safety Management
  • Training, Capability Building & Change Management
  • Leadership, Culture & Safety Transformation
  • Technical Safety
  • Construction Safety
  • Fatality Prevention
  • On-Set Production Safety

Digital Services

Helping business leaders achieve a step-change in EHS and sustainability performance through tech-enabled innovation. We deliver these business outcomes at pace and scale through the integration of our global network, exceptional subject matter expertise and deep digital capabilities.

  • Digital Advisory
  • Transformation & Engagement
  • Digital Systems
  • Data & Analytics

Product Stewardship

Helping clients bring products to market safety, sustainably, and in compliance with global regulations, in a way that also meets their business goals and satisfies key stakeholders.

  • Chemical Registration (Taiwan/EU/Korea/China REACH & US PMN)
  • SDS authoring Label
  • Toxic and Concerned Chemical permitting
  • Pharmaceutical/ medical device product registration
  • Plant Master File (PMF)/ Quality System Documentation (QSD) application
  • PICS/GMP /Quality management system (QMS)
  • GDP support
  • Environmental Agent Registration
  • Agro-Pesticide Registration
  • Cosmetics Registration

Contact Person

Name /Clare Chang

Email /

Phone /0966732806