BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會




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Name /Cytena Bioprocess Solution co., Ltd - BICO group

Address /7F-6 No.495 GuangFu S. Rd, XinYi Dist., Taipei City. 

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Name /Cheng-Han (Charles) Tsai

Title /CEO

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Telephone /02-2720-6135

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About the Company

cytena Bioprocess Solution co., Ltd (Cytena BPS) is founded in 2018 and is a subsidiary of a listed BICO ab. Cytena BPS focuses on offering bioprocess solutions for, but not limited to, biopharmaceuticals and top research institutes.

As cell line development (CLD) is a complicated, labor-intensive, and pricey process, cBS established collaboration with leading academic institutes and industrial companies in researching, development, and application to solve the challenges in cell culture by integrate the microfluid technology and automation.

Brief Description of main products or services

The mission of CytenaBPS is : Revolution of Cell Culture. CytenaBPS provides the high throughput microbioreactor for parallel cultivations in 96/24 well plates capable of bringing production bioreactor condition to the early stage. This changes the way biopharmaceuticals used to screen, and further become a new alternative for large-scale bioreactors, further providing faster treatment to patients.

S.NEST™, a state-of-the art microbioreactor that maximizes cell growth while monitoring and analyzing cell conditions from start to finish. Well-known for combining innovative bioscience technologies with best-in-class software development, Cytena BPS has developed their new microbioreactor to disrupt the field of cell line development (CLD).

Microbioreactors have been instrumental in a string of research breakthroughs in CLD for a range of downstream applications, but with the addition of real-time monitoring, the S.NEST is at the forefront of those advances. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive merger of enhanced features, including patented technology for reciprocating mixing, incubation chambers with individual environmental controls, a camera module for real-time pH and dissolved oxygen monitoring, powerful analytical software to crunch data, compatibility with 96-well or 24-well culture plates, and four chambers for the high-throughput culturing of as many as 384 wells at once.

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Name /Chen-Chien, Huang

Email /

Phone /0910163577