BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會


2023 亞洲生技大會論壇: 前諾華全球藥物開發總裁、 以色列最大創投aMoon、 哈佛再生醫療產學連續創業家曝成功祕訣!

亞洲生技大會即將於7/26-7/30 於南港展覽館舉行
大會今年以" Embracing Asian Dynamics " 為主題,
How to Bring New Drugs to Global Market Session特別邀請

>前諾華全球藥物開發總裁兼醫療長 Dr. John Tsai
>再生醫療產學連續創業家- 哈佛醫學院副教授Dr.LukVandenberghe
>以色列最大創投aMoon 合夥人- Gur Roshmalb
>人工智慧製藥公司Co-CEO & CSO-Dr. Feng Ren  
BIO Asia-Taiwan 2021 Online
  • New technologies are accelerating the global launch of new drugs

  • Winning strategies in bringing new drugs to global markets.

This exciting session will feature insights from Dr. John Tsai, Former President of Global Product Development & Chief Medical Officer at Novartis; serial entrepreneur Dr. Luk Vandenberghe of Harvard Medical School, representing his trailblazing genetic therapy company AKOUOS; Dr. Feng Ren, Co-CEO & CSO of AI drug discovery pioneer Insilico Medicine; and Dr. Gur Roshmalb, partner at leading Israeli investment fund aMoon. A must-attend event for drug development executives based in the Asia-Pacific or seeking to tap into Asian markets from abroad, this session gathers the expertise of industry veterans regarding novel technologies such as AI, gene therapy, and cell therapy, to illuminate a clear path for bringing new therapies to global markets. Register now at BIO Asia—Taiwan 2023 to secure admission and early bird rates!