BIO Asia–Taiwan 2022 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2022 亞洲生技大會




Date:July 21-25 (Premiere date: July 21) 2021

SPARK Taiwan cultivates future teams and team projects in preparation for the entrance into the industry. Part of the program is to provide teams with initial funding as a start. SPARK teams will go through training to learn product development methods gaining international view on turning research into products. Currently there are six Anchor Universities (AU) involved in SPARK Taiwan Program including Northern area - National Taiwan University, Taipei Medical University, Fu Jen University (cooperated with National Tsing Hua University); Central area-China Medical University; Southern area-National Cheng Kung University and Kaohsiung Medical University.

Regional Anchor University assist SPARK Taiwan in members training and team selection, invitation, assess, manage, and promote/give training course. SPARKees must complete the training program including the periodic training course, attend expert lectures and regular meetings, fulfill milestones to enter next round of financial assistance assessments. More than 300 biomedical innovation projects and 1000 SPARKees from universities participate to carry out the value of bio-innovation and translate the research projects into product. SPARK Taiwan has helped to establish 41 startups, 18 tech transfer to biotech sectors, and 43 projects receiving further funding from government.


Topic / Speaker
12:20 - 12:31

Opening Remarks

Welcome from SPARK Global, Professor Daria Mochly-Rosen
Welcome from SPARK Taiwan, Professor Yufeng Jane Tseng
12:31- 12:44
National Taiwan University, SPARK Taiwan

ImmunAdd Therapeutics: Novel Adjuvants for Therapeutic Vaccines

Speaker: Pi-Hui Liang
12:45- 13:01
The University of Sydney, SPARK Sydney

Novel Targeted Technologies: A peptide Drug Conjugate for the Precision Therapy of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Speaker: Pegah Varamini
13:02 - 13:12
Kaohsiung Medical University, SPARK Taiwan

Universal antibody lock to enhance the disease-targeting and high safety of antibody drugs

Speaker: Yun-Chi Lu
13:12 - 13:23
Guzip Biomarkers Corporation, SPARK Taiwan

MPap, A Better Way for Endometrial Cancer Screening

Speaker: Heng-Cheng John Chang
13:23 - 13:37
Ampametry, Japan

Tailor-made therapy for drug-resistant depression by measuring patients’ AMPA receptor expression

Speaker: Tomoyuki Miyazaki
13:37 - 13:50
National Cheng Kung University, SPARK Taiwan

Aönn Tech: Small-scale dental PM2.5 reduction device

Speaker: Aönn Tech Teams


Company Info

Company Name: SPARK TAIWAN
Address: 15F., No. 106, Sec. 2, Heping E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City


Name: Y. Jane Tseng
Title: Professor
Phone: (Work) +886-27377023

Company Type

Biotechnology, Device, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Others: _Program Office_

Company Introduction

SPARK Taiwan Program was launched in accordance with the biotechnology industry development planning. We help those that are in the pharmaceutical industry or the medical device industry with potential products but are lacking in initial commercial planning for entrance into the market. Our program assists projects of translation, medical regulation implementation, intellectual property registry, negotiation, marketing and commercialization planning and training. In collaboration with Stanford University and SPARK Global, the training material is introduced to the selected teams and as part of the training the teams are expected to exchange experiences gained during the commercialization process.