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BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 亞洲生技大會


T-ACE Medical Co., Ltd. - TAcc+


T-ACE Medical Co., Ltd. - TAcc+

Company Info

Name /T-ACE Medical Co., Ltd. - TAcc+

Address /Rm. 9080, 5F, Science and Technology Building, Tzu-Chiang Campus, No. 1, University Road, East Dist., Tainan City 70101, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Name /Li-Jen Lin

Title /Chairman

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Telephone /(Work) 06-2087201

Fax /06-2005497

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About the Company

T-ACE Medical Co. is established in Tainan, Taiwan on August 7, 2018, as the brainchild of the research team led by Dr. Xi-Zhang Lin, College of Medicine, National Cheng-Kung University. The innovation was sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. T-ACE Medical Co. is committed to innovate the minimally-invasive technologies for patients suffering from serious illness.

Brief Description of main products or services

  1. T-AceGel is a class II medical device that is used as a submucosa-lifting agent. T-AceGel can facilitate gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures for removing polyps, adenomas, early–stage cancers, or other suspected lesions in gastrointestinal tract. When T-AceGel is injected under the mucosa of a lesion, it immediately creates a long-lasting lift with a colored cushion, separating the mucosa from the submucosa. This offers increased visibility of target lesion margins and empowers endoscopists to perform resections or dissections safely and efficiently.
  2. T-ACE Oil, developed by our joint venture with Food Industry Research and Development Institute, is a mixture of iodinated fatty acid ethyl esters derived from sunflower seed oil. It carries the same chemical components and physical properties as the current commercially available iodized oil that was made from poppy seeds. T-ACE Oil is an ideal tool for kinds of vascular interventions, especially for the application of trans-arterial chemoembolization (TACE) for liver cancers.
  3. T-ACE Beads is classified as a Class III medical device. It is a new generation of drug-loaded beads, used in tandem with trans-arterial chemo-embolization (TACE). T-ACE Beads can also be developed into a comprehensive embolism bead system (including general beads, drug-loaded beads, and radioactive beads).

Contact Person

Name /Natalie Lu

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Phone /06-2087201#20