BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 亞洲生技大會


Laura Chu

Session 4 – Data-driven Precision Health

Date:21 July (Wednesday)
Time:  15:40 – 17:10 (GMT+8)

Laura Chu

Affiliate Lead, Healthcare Systems Partnership
Genentech, Inc


Laura Chu received her Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology from San Diego State University. She joined Genentech in 2008 and has worked in various groups across the organization including Drug Development, Medical Affairs and Commercial, primarily focusing in Oncology and Personalized Healthcare. In her current role, she is the Affiliate Lead for Healthcare Systems Partnerships and collaborates closely with Roche Affiliates to bring Personalized Healthcare Ecosystem Solutions to health systems in Asia-Pacific.

Speech title & Synopsis

In Pursuit of Personalized Healthcare: How Data Can Transform Healthcare

Healthcare demands are increasing with growing populations, higher life expectancies, and an increase in chronic diseases, resulting in escalating costs and strains on resources. Additionally, rapid advancements in medical knowledge have increased the complexity of decision making in both diagnostic and treatment workflows. Profound transformations are needed to meet these ever-increasing demands while also improving outcomes. With technology becoming integral to all aspects of healthcare and daily-life, the amounts of healthcare data generated from the real-world and trials is increasing exponentially. Innovative approaches to combine data, technology and analytics can lead to transformative change in healthcare as we’ve seen in other industries. Personalized healthcare (PHC) is an approach to deliver value-based, outcome-driven, healthcare solutions designed to meet the needs of each individual patient at a faster pace and at a lower overall cost to societies. Through insight generation, driven by meaningful data, technologies and advanced analytics, we can enable smarter, more efficient R&D, provide deeper understanding of disease and discover novel biomarkers that can lead to better outcomes. Challenges remain for integrating data and insights to optimize PHC, including ensuring data quality, enabling data sharing while protecting patient privacy, and adhering to established interoperability standards; however, through collaboration and partnership among all stakeholders – patients and families, healthcare providers, healthcare systems, and industry – PHC can be realized.