BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 亞洲生技大會


GenomeFrontier Therapeutics, Inc.


Company Info

Name /GenomeFrontier Therapeutics, Inc.

Address /18F., No. 3, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan

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Name /Karen Wen, Ph. D.

Title /COO& Chief Strategy Officer

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Telephone /(Work) 02-2655-8766

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Mobile /0937146422

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About the Company

Biotech company focused on virus-free gene-modified cell therapy, committed to the development of advanced, affordable and accessible immune cell therapies for efficacious cancer treatments. Four platforms, G-Tailor™, Quantum pBac™, Quantum Nufect™ and iCellar™ have integrated to provide a powerful virus-free CAR-T system for CAR-T product production with a high CAR positive rate and TSCM as the major T cell population for a more efficacious and safer CAR-T cells for cancer therapy.

Brief Description of main products or services

The proprietary qCART™ system providing high gene payload capacity for CAR-T production with the major T cell profile as TSCM cells is integrated with four proprietary virus-free gene-modified Quantum Engines containing G-Tailor™, Quantum pBac™, Quantum Nufect™ and iCellar™. G-Tailor™ is a virus-free gene manipulation platform for efficient transgene design and production of desired gene vectors. Quantum Nufect™ is a proprietary buffer system for efficient gene integration maintaining high cell viability. Quantum pBac™ is an advanced, virus-free and highly efficient piggyBac-based system with high gene integration capacity (~100 Kb) and patent granted in Europe, Malaysia and Taiwan and PCT reviewing in major countries. iCellar™ is proprietary supplements and/or engineered cells for optimal cell expansion and persistence.

Applying this qCART system, four pipelines are under development: GF-CART01, a dual target CD20 and CD19 with a safety switch control for DLBCL and ALL aiming for IND in 2022, GF-CART02, also a dual target with a safety control for multiple myeloma therapy, GF-CART03 and GF-CART04 for solid tumor treatment.

More systems are under development with the above Quantum Engines for TCR-T cell production and gene modified - other immune cells. Automatic manufacture is also under development with the collaboration of ADVA with our pipelines.

Contact Person

Name /李怡婷

Email /

Phone /02-2655-8766