BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 亞洲生技大會


Momotaro-Gene Inc.

Momotaro-Gene Inc.

Company Info

Name /Momotaro-Gene Inc.

Address /1-12-1, Yanagi-machi, Kita-ku, Okayama

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Name /Hitoshi Shiomi

Title /Cancer gene therapy enhancing anti-cancer immunology

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Telephone /(Work) +81-86-238-7848

Fax /+81-86-238-7848

Mobile /+81-90-6832-7391

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About the Company

Momotaro-Gene Inc. is a cancer gene therapy company. We are using REIC/Dkk-3 gene isolated at Okayama University. Our Adenovirus vector carrying REIC (Ad-REIC) shows a great promise to cure the solid tumor.

Brief Description of main products or services

Ad-REIC has two products. One is our first generation and the other is the second generation, Ad-SGE-REIC. The difference is the second one’s expression is several times higher than the first one. Once locally injected, our Ad-SGE-REIC causes cancer cell specific cell death due to ER stress and the induced REIC protein down-regulates T-reg and MDSC, which are the key factors for cancer eradication.

We are conducting two Phase II in the US. One is mono-therapy for the localized prostate cancer and the other is the combination therapy with PD-1 inhibitor for malignant mesothelioma, the second toughest cancer next to pancreatic. Both of them show great promises. Especially the combination therapy for mesothelioma shows longer PFS than Keytruda’s 2.5 months and chemotherapy’s 3.4 months.

Contact Person

Name /Hitoshi Shiomi

Email /

Phone /+81-86-238-7848