BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2023 亞洲生技大會


Qi Lang

Session 21 – Regional Collaboration Forum

Date:28 July (Friday)
Time09:00-10:10 (GMT+8)

Qi  Lang

Principal Engineer
AP Infosense Limited

Lang Qi is a principal engineer at AP Infosense with extensive experience in research and development of optical systems, AP Infosense is a member of API Metrology which has more than 30 years in laser-based equipment. She is proficient in physical optics, optical systems architecture and design, lighting design, engineering optics, interference measuring, testing technique, photo-electricity testing theory, optical measuring, IP generation and protection.
She has 4 patents granted,3 patents under review and 9 published papers. She also regularly presents at major professional conferences. She represents the company to participate in the competition of Invention Geneva 2022 and won silver medal.
She is graduated from Changchun University of Science and Technology with a Master’s degree in Measurement Technology and Instrument; She won the outstanding graduation thesis and excellent graduate award during her master’s period.
In 2009 she joined the world's leading integrated solution provider for the semiconductor and electronics industries-ASM technology China, where she developed optical system including imaging optics, multi-path imaging optics system, telecentric optics and zoom system, illumination system, projection systems, testing equipment and more. She managed optics seminar, supervised factory’s PE   in the company, production troubleshooting and on-line testing support.
In 2018, she joined HK Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) established by the government of the Special Administrative Region, she was the company’s top technical professional in optical systems design and technologies resulting in innovative products in Area/line confocal 3D measurement, Lidar optical system, 3D curvature measurement optics system for reconstruction cover glass of mobile phone, eye-in-hand flexible vision inspection system; She managed several projects, wrote technical report to Hong Kong Government, familiar with lab techniques, performed experiment in the lab.
She also worked in State intellectual property office of the people's republic of China. She has the experience of examining patent; she manages the company’s intellectual properties now.
She has 14 years’ experience on a variety of innovative systems from concepts to detailed designs and to production.
Now she participates in white light interferometer improvement, Laser-based optical design and measurement, spectral imaging systems and the optical coherence tomography imaging system by using the integrated chip spectrometer development.

Speech title & Synopsis

Smart Medical Monitoring Technology

Healthcare should be easy to access, convenient and stress free. From 2019 to 2022, the world experience tremendous changes due to COVID-19, aside from western medicine, vaccine and other forms of therapy, we have noticed that Chinese Medicine is becoming a popular topic. Chinese medicine practitioner can help people gain access to traditional treatments by using centuries-old healing techniques. In the clinical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the temperature change in different areas of a person’s hands can be used as a diagnostic index to the underlying health issues. It is important to have accurate readouts of the temperature at different areas of a hand in real time because the change of temperature also provides information about a person’s health.
Our company developed a more portable, durable hand temperature monitoring device, this novel product has a high-density sensing area and great precision, making it suitable not only for thermal monitoring instruments but also for medical diagnostics. By using our thermal Mat, practitioner can record and download data in just a few steps, analyze and compare data across any number of experiments, analyze patients’ data by factors such as time, rate, and regional variation. Customer can choose between different contact surfaces depending on the application. High resolution for clear thermal image at 2mm per pixel with 0.2 degree Celsius accuracy. It is achieved by pixel sensors fabricated under mature semiconductor manufacturing process. Customizable Temperature range from 5 to 80 Degree Celsius, perfect for checking the surface condition of a palm or any other product. Area up to 20cmX20cm with 1000 measurement points, the 2 Hz response time to temperature changes ensures measurements are as accurate as possible. Customizable size and high-density IOT data allow us to investigate the opportunity and significance hidden beneath the thermal flux of human body.